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Vibrant glass

The Atelier has looked at how glass and images might interact in such a way as to make the spectator feel a sense of amazement rather than intrusion.

Working in exclusive partnership with Philippe Schiepan's VIDE "Virtual Design" agency and laboratory, we make decorative glass products whose finely-adjusted semi-transparency conceals video monitors to give the impression of an image moving freely within the glass.

The screen becomes a wall which is constantly evolving to match its programmable audiovisual content and blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

The Atelier has also explored ways of combining projected images and glass.  Using a process which has been patented by our partners, we can transform a sheet of glass into a high-performance screen whose image can be viewed from both sides.  This same technique allows us to contour screen zones, control transparency, and give multiple forms and intensity to the projected image.

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