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Breathtaking Materials published by Editions Vial.

December 2011Breathtaking Materials published by Editions Vial.

Glass by Bernard Pictet is magnificently showcased in Breathtaking Materials by Caroline Perrin, published by Editions Vial.

Through more than 600 photographs, the book explores the most inspiring and unexpected materials.  A material can be precious because it is noble, rare or pure.  Caroline Perrin invites us to see how, in the hands of a craftsman, artist or designer, a material can also become exceptional.

Breathtaking Materials offers stunning inspiration, and a chance to discover little-known materials, studios, and men and women with a passion for their art.

« The finished piece must appear natural, in its element.  The ease with which it is created confers its gracefulness and elegance. »
Bernard Pictet

« Glass fascinates with its transparency, clarity and purity.  It plays with light in endless ways, allowing it to penetrate, becoming translucent or opalescent (…).  Silver transforms glass into mirror (…). Screenprinting covers it with films and patterns.  Sand sculpts glass.  Acid frosts it.  The chisel indents it (…).  Some are striving to reintroduce the tiny and now rarely seen imperfections of inclusions, bubbles and splinters, drawing inspiration from the aesthetic perfection of rock crystal.  Thus the beauty of glass is revealed in terms of material and texture… »
Caroline Perrin

ISBN 978-2-85101-163-3
PUBLISHED 18/11/2011
25 cm x 35 cm

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