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A glass, lacquer and tulip wood screen

may 2016A glass, lacquer and tulip wood screen

The Atelier, create in collaboration with cabinet-maker Ludwig Vogelgesang, a folding screen whose double-sided panels were created with lacquer artist Mireille Herbst; the frame is by Ludwig Vogelgesang.

Mireille Herbst decorated the panels of this screen in anthracite and palladium lacquer with an interlocking diamond pattern, which Atelier Bernard Pictet then interpreted on glass, incorporating palladium leaf and black leaf.

Ludwig Vogelgesang made the lozenge-shaped frame in solid tulip wood with a graphite patina. The hinge pins are in turned ebony.

The panels can be turned to show either the glass side or the lacquered side.

Glass: Atelier Bernard Pictet
Lacquer: Mireille Herbst
Frame: Ludwig Vogelgesang
Materials: lacquer, glass, patinated brass, tulipwood with graphite.

Height: 1,900 mm
Width: 2,400 mm
Depth: 50 mm

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