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Glass maker Bernard Pictet was at Salon AD Matières d'art in Paris

april 2018Glass maker Bernard Pictet was at Salon AD Matières d'art in Paris

The exhibition was a resounding success, with more than 10,000 visitors.

Bernard Pictet is showing eighteen examples of decorative glass at Salon AD Matières d’Art.

They have been chosen from more than 200 samples at the showroom to illustrate the multiple inspirations, techniques, styles and applications of glass by Bernard Pictet.

For optimal effect within the environment of AD Matières d'Art, all the glass shown is opaque. The majority of these samples can, however, be proposed with different colours, textures, degrees of transparency and opalescence.

Diversity is the hallmark of the Studio's work; originality, singularity, visual impact and flawless execution are the common denominators.

AD magazine celebrates art and design crafts that are little-known to the public so that they, and the companies that bring them to life, can enjoy greater recognition.

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