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Bernard Pictet presented three mirrors at Révélations, 23-26 May 2019.

june 2019Bernard Pictet presented three mirrors at Révélations, 23-26 May 2019.

In a space staged by Lally et Berger, Charles Jouffre welcomed textile designer Toyine Sellers and glassmaker Bernard Pictet who presented three large mirrors, each specially created to suggest the appearance and qualities of fabric.

For the centrepiece (120 x 290 cm), Bernard Pictet interpreted a tweed pattern thanks to an innovative "diamond scratching" technique. Specially-made tools were used to inscribe fine lines in the glass.
These lines were then silvered to highlight the infinitely tiny slivers that make up each one.
A mirror backing added depth to the glass as well as a subtle kinetic effect.
For the two side panels (60 x 290 cm) Bernard Pictet worked with the idea of a sheer voile fabric.
Form-altering software, developed for the project, created an irregular pattern of close-set waves.
This pattern was applied to a mirror ground in gold for the first panel and silver for the second. The mirror created the desired transparency while a kinetic effect suggests the ripples of a voile curtain caught in a breeze.
Atelier Bernard Pictet warmly thanks Charles Jouffre for its invitation and for this opportunity to explore facets of the fabrics used in upholstery and interior design.

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