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A mirror wall in patinated palladium leaf

january 2017A mirror wall in patinated palladium leaf

Bernard Pictet creates a mirror wall in palladium leaf for a Parisian apartment, decorated by Brigitte Saby.

The fifth-floor apartment, on Rue Fabert in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, affords an uninterrupted view of the Invalides, the Seine and the Grand Palais.

The mirror wall, made by Atelier Bernard Pictet, extends over two levels between the downstairs reception room and the upstairs library.

As part of her interior design, Brigitte Saby imagined a glass surface whose reflection would create light and depth, but in which it would be almost impossible to see oneself.

In order to create this effect, Atelier Bernard Pictet combined different black and silver patinas with shiny palladium leaf, working by hand to achieve the desired degree of reflection.

Adopting a timeless style, the 780 x 350 cm wall is composed of twenty-eight mirrors in a chequerboard arrangement, held in place by cabochons.

It blends perfectly with the rest of the apartment, reflecting light and colours with infinite delicacy.

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