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Illuminated kinetic glasses for Segey Skuratov

november 2017Illuminated kinetic glasses for Segey Skuratov

Bernard Pictet creates illuminated kinetic glasses for Sergey Skuratov for a remarkableresidential structure in the centre of Moscow.

Sergey Skuratov is renowned for his striking and apposite architectural designs, uninfluenced by changing trends.

One of his latest projects, "The Gardens", is a remarkable residential structure in the centre of Moscow for which Ateliers Bernard Pictet has imagined and produced glass for illuminated focal points in several of the lobbies.

The extra-white, multi-laminated glass is acid-etched on the reverse side. Each piece is then embellished with a lighter-coloured kinetic pattern.

Sergey Skuratov has used the glass to break up the orthogonality of the space, without abruptness.

The glass is incorporated with soft lighting to "visually vibrate" - a characteristic kinetic effect – and catch the eye of visitors as they come and go.

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