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Kinetic glass walls for a staff restaurant in Paris

March 2013Kinetic glass walls for a staff restaurant in Paris

Julien Grenot and Didier Bonnefoy at 16K Architectes chose Atelier Bernard Pictet to make glass installations for a staff restaurant located at 6/8 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

The architects commissioned the studio to produce opalescent, semi-reflective, kinetic glass that would enhance visual comfort in this compact, 480 square-metre basement restaurant with no natural light. Atelier Bernard Pictet responded with back-lit walls that diffuse a soft light and incorporate mirrored portions to create an impression of space.

Anyone standing in front of the wall experiences the astonishing illusion of looking through the glass into another, lit room. The kinetic effect conveys an unexpected sensation of depth and vibration.

16K Architectes have completed numerous projects for offices, head offices, residential and office lobbies, and staff restaurants. They also work with private clients on new-builds and home renovations. This was their first collaboration with Bernard Pictet.

For more than 30 years, Bernard Pictet has been advising and working with professionals on ways to incorporate glass into art, architecture and interior design.

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