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A kinetic glass « membrane » covering an « image ribbon » for the EDF Head Office foyer

November 2010A kinetic glass « membrane » covering an « image ribbon » for the EDF Head Office foyer

For the EDF Head Office foyer, Bernard Pictet makes a kinetic glass « membrane » covering an « image ribbon » devised and produced by Philippe Schiepan, VIDE

For the foyer of the EDF Head Office by architect Bruno Diacre, Bernard Pictet has worked with VIDE Vibrant Design Laboratory, led by Philippe Schiepan, to create a 40 sq m ribbon with 23 semi-reflective kinetic glass elements.

Their finely-adjusted semi-transparency conceals video screens to give the impression of images moving freely within theglass. They become a wall that adapts to its fully programmable audiovisual content and to its architectural surroundings.

Plasma screens and light walls have taken over public spaces, and these moving images are often perceived as "visual pollution." Atelier Bernard Pictet and VIDE have looked at how glass and images might interact in ways that will make the spectator feel a sense of amazement rather than intrusion.
Through its very nature, glass can create mirages and illusions.

Bernard Pictet and Philippe Schiepan have built on this quality to develop an original application - vibrant glass - where the glass itself becomes an audiovisual medium.

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