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A 10,000 sq-m canopy in front of Amiens Station

October 2008A 10,000 sq-m canopy in front of Amiens Station

Bernard Pictet creates light-reflecting coloured glass modules for the 10,000 sq-m canopy by architect Claude Vasconi in front of Amiens Station.

The work of architect Claude Vasconi and inaugurated in March 2008, this glass canopy is one of the largest in Europe, covering an area of over 10,000 square metres. Running parallel to buildings by Auguste Perret, the structure is open on all four sides and comprises a glass roof, supported by pillars. The architect imagined the roof as a "pixelated woodland canopy" with light filtering through. To achieve this, Bernard Pictet developed a glass that creates an optical illusion of movement and vibration as people move around. It comprises layers of reflecting colours in six shades of green. Unlike traditional glass roofs, this impression of vibrating colour is also noticeable at night, as the coloured elements reflect the ground-level lighting. For more than 30 years, Bernard Pictet has been working with designers to use glass to artistic, decorative and architectural effect.

Architect :Claude Vasconi
Project manager : Yves Lambin
Glass concept : Bernard Pictet, Simon Dhenin, Marion Courtille
Associated designers : Michel Tortel,Laure Quoniam
Construction : VIRY S.A 

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