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Three works in glass for the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseilles

November 2013Three works in glass for the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseilles

Bernard Pictet creates Three works in glass for the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseilles

For this first collaboration, interior designer Jean-Philippe Nuel commissioned Bernard Pictet to produce four large pieces in glass:

  • comprising a large panel installed behind the reception desk, a second panel using the same technique for the lobby,
  • and the facade of the bar
  • and a television unit in the lounge.

The panel behind the reception desk suggests the sun setting over a calm sea. Working from a photographic image, the studio experimented with various compositions and materials to render the shimmer of the Mediterranean in this abstract and contemporary seascape.

The bar facade and the television unit were produced from samples which Jean-Philippe Nuel viewed in the studio. He then reworked the pattern for the bar.


  • The panels in the reception and the lobby use a combination of techniques: a kinetic "raster" in frosted glass, chiselled motifs on the front, chiselled and silvered motifs on the back.
  • The bar facade is chiselled then gilded with gold leaf.
  • The television unit is in thermoformed glass which has been silvered and oxidised.

Reception panel: 5,480 x 2,490 mm in four sections
Lobby panel: 3,100 x 900 mm
Bar facade: 900 x 5,320 mm in five sections
Television unit: 4,980 x 2,100 mm in 20 sections

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