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A glass wall, inspired by Pierre Soulages

october 2015A glass wall, inspired by Pierre Soulages

A glass wall, inspired by Pierre Soulages, in the lobby of the ENGIE head office, at the La Défense business centre, Paris

Architect Bernard Grenot wanted a wall of engraved dark glass, inspired by the work of artist Pierre Soulages, that would also be a luminous focal point.

For this 5m x 3m wall, Atelier Bernard Pictet chose dark grey glass and created an engraving that would echo the artist's paintings. The Vibrant Project then installed screens behind the glass.
Animated images on these screens are diffused through the glass, such that they are perceived less in their detail and more as coloured, luminous forms.
Observers are surprised to discover that the wall is in glass rather than stone or opaque paint, and that the images are not screened onto the wall but diffused behind it.

Plasma screens and light walls have taken over public space while moving images are often perceived as visual pollution. Atelier Bernard Pictet and The Vibrant Project explored the possible interactions between glass and images to create a gentle, subliminal communication that leaves the spectator with a sense
of amazement rather than intrusion.
Glass can, through its very nature, create mirages and illusions. Bernard Pictet and Philippe Schiepan have used these qualities to develop an original application: "vibrant glass" in which moving images appear to be contained within the glass itself.

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