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the Cartier boutique at Harrods, London.

may 2018the Cartier boutique at Harrods, London.

Architect Laura Gonzalez commissions Atelier Bernard Pictet for glass furnishings for the Cartier boutique at Harrods, London.

Laura Gonzalez's concept for this shop-in-shop conveys the luxury, prestige and refinement of the Parisian jeweller.

The sophisticated and welcoming interior is brought to life through fine hand-crafting.
The various glass wall furnishings by Bernard Pictet, the metallization effects and pearlized textures, together with the opulent, hand-shaped, fluted glass chandeliers are all indicative of the craftsman's hand while retaining a distinctly contemporary feel.
As if to echo the existing woodwork, oak panels connect the different spaces, creating a softer feel with their smooth curves and rounded corners.
The bronze and chiselled glass facade invites customers to be part of a rare experience, away from the rest of the world inside a light-filled, feminine and elegant space.

Laura Gonzalez chose glass by Bernard Pictet, which the studio then tailored to the scale and mood of the project.
In the Prestige area, for example, a ten square-metre expanse of gold chiselled glass is set against a mat silver ground rather than the original mirror finish.
For the outside facades and vestibules, the studio created 16 glass panels (24 square metres in total) featuring a chiselled and engraved pattern that suggests a waterfall.
In the Men's area, six square metres of glass have been engraved using a technique developed by the studio then accented with patinated gold leaf.

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