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Two new luxury spas

september 2017Two new luxury spas

Glass by Bernard Pictet decorates two new luxury spas, at Hôtel de Crillon in Paris and at Tour Odéon in Monaco

The Spa at Hôtel de Crillon, Paris

Interior designer Chahan Minassian wanted the door into the spa to suggest gently cascading water. Atelier Bernard Pictet rendered this idea using vertical lines, playing on spacing and thickness to create the desired effect. These lines are chiselled on clear, acid-etched frosted glass to create a softly translucent finish. Some are additionally enhanced with shimmering reparure gilding.
The door is double glazed for excellent sound insulation and easy maintenance.

The Spa at Tour Odéon, Monaco

The spa is located on the lower ground level of the tower, and was designed by Alberto Pinto interior design studio.
Glass compensates the small amount of natural light entering the spa by creating a bright yet soothing atmosphere, as well as visually enlarging the space. A contemporary interpretation of natural elements such as rain, mist, stalactites, branches and the sea adds to this sensation of peace and tranquility.
A combination of clear, white, silvered and mirror glass was chosen.
The 85 wall and door panels are in acid-etched matt mirror with a pattern of frosted scrollwork that delicately reflects the light. This glass is easy to maintain and ideally suited to a humid environment.
The 12-metre glass panel for the swimming pool features a highly stylised stalactite design on a mirror ground that produces a shimmering reflection. It gives the impression of prolonging and extending the pool, at the same time separating the space.
Inside the hammam, doors and partitions are decorated with shimmering droplets. Triple-glazed, they ensure complete sound and thermal insulation.
Atelier Bernard Pictet also produced fifteen shower stalls, in addition to doors for the dance studio, exercise studio and hair salon with a pattern of kinetic vertical lines that offsets the transparency of the glass.
A chiselled partition in silvered glass, reminiscent of a calm sea, separates the reception area from the hammam.


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