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With Michaela Lazariou for the Dixence head office

March 2010With Michaela Lazariou for the Dixence head office

Bernard Pictet works with architect Michaela Lazariou for the Dixence head office

Dixence Sogelim commissioned the architect Michaela Lazariou for the interior design of its head office in Paris.

She asked Bernard Pictet to propose two glass creations that would give a dynamic but also welcoming image.

A supple composition of bamboo stalks in chiselled and acid-etched silvered glass adds subtle interest to the wall behind the reception desk.

In the boardroom, the need for a high level of soundproofing required the use of three thicknesses of glass.

Bernard Pictet turned this to advantage and superimposed three layers of glass, engraved with a "shooting" pattern.

This composition brings a translucent quality that lets in borrowed light, creates a surprising impression of depth, and allows for differing degrees of opacity and luminosity.

Atelier Bernard Pictet works with architects to propose glass creations for the reception halls, meetingrooms and executive offices of the headquarters of major groups.

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