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Two spectacular double doors at Chaumet's historic Place Vendôme boutique

may 2020Two spectacular double doors at Chaumet's historic Place Vendôme boutique

For the refurbishment of Chaumet's historic Place Vendôme boutique, Bernard Pictet has created two spectacular double doors in engraved and gilded glass representing an aigrette, a symbol of the jeweller since the early nineteenth century.

The interior has been completely reimagined by Patricia Grosdemange in a contemporary style that is entirely sympathetic with this historic building.

Taking example from the late eighteenth-century decoration, every wall offers an illustration of high craftsmanship using time-honoured techniques to fashion stucco, gilding, embossed paper, alabaster and other noble materials with a resolutely modern aesthetic.

This metamorphosis is a rediscovery of the aesthetic of French luxury.

As part of the refurbishment, Bernard Pictet was commissioned to create two large double doors in engraved and gilded translucent glass.
The first doors, in opalescent white, open onto the Salon Malmaison, reserved for bridal jewellery.
The second doors, in the House's signature dark blue, lead into the Salon Bleu, reserved for exceptional creations.
On both doors, an aigrette motif inspired by Chaumet's famed tiaras was diamond-engraved, with chiselled and leaf-gilded accents.

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