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Ateliers Pictet for the Chaumet concession at   La Samaritaine

february 2022Ateliers Pictet for the Chaumet concession at La Samaritaine

Ateliers Pictet creates stunning glasswork for the Chaumet concession inside the landmark Parisian department store.

Located on the second floor of La Samaritaine, the Chaumet concession lends a new feel to the luxury aesthetic that incorporates the French jewellery house’s visual hallmarks, from the Chaumet blue on the walls to the tiara motifs.

Ateliers Pictet has crafted two spectacular engraved and gilded glass panels on a blue background. Inspiration for the design came from Chaumet’s famed tiaras and the aigrette, a motif resembling a spray of feathers that has been part of Chaumet’s design language since the early nineteenth century.

This aigrette motif is diamond-etched with chiselled details and leaf gilding.

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