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Two sculpture walls for Firmenich in Neuilly

April 2010Two sculpture walls for Firmenich in Neuilly

Bernard Pictet and Grenot create two sculpture walls for Firmenich in Neuilly

Working with interior architects Grenot, Bernard Pictet has created two sculpture walls for the Neuilly head office of Firmenich, world leader in the flavours and perfumes industry.

The first wall, measuring 7.5m by 2.5m, is a forest of individually-mounted giant test tubes, each filled with one of the many fragrance components used to create perfumes.

The second consists of 20 laboratory flasks, lit by coloured light emanating from electronically-controlled luminous diodes inside the glass bases on which they rest.

Neither arrangement has been given any specific surface treatment other than sand-blasting and silvering. Bernard Pictet has succeeded in transforming aesthetically unappealing laboratory glass into two wall sculptures whose decorative dimension resides in the original manner in which the glass has been used.

For more than 30 years, Bernard Pictet has been advising and accompanying artists on a wide range of projects that combine glass with art, interior design and architecture.
His distinctive approach to materials, a uniquely structured company and his creativity have afforded him countless opportunities to work with renowned architects and artists.

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